at zyme studios 
we approach every project with the attempt to create conditions necessary for reaction, the idea that every built space has the ability to evoke........... WHY



A four bedroom residence generated from two leftover walls with inverse trajectories. This vertex is the starting point to a perpetual line that runs through and generates the buildings form. The attempt was to drive the user into a dynamic pre-entry space where thinness is used as an asset to create an experiential change. With each step the angular subtractions in the form manipulate transparency. This repetition continues into the residence and is then transitioned into voids in the roof between rooms, subtly separating the spaces and allowing for penetrating light.

status: built
project scope: architecture, interiors
location: los angeles, california
size: 4000 square feet
dates: 2016-2019
photos:  © Taiyo Watanabe